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The Original Construction

What an amazing, awe inspiring, life enhancing experience this was!!
Thousands of people from all over the country volunteered to help build and to help feed the builders from April 7th through April 15th of 2005.

Workers arrived at a reception area where they signed in and indicated their level of experience with power tools. They were organized and escorted to construction captains who were in charge of various aspects of the project. The construction captains had to commit to at least 3 solid days (12 hours each day!!) There were several captains who were there throughout the entire build!! Hats off to them!! The captains were the ones who made the blueprints a reality... Having workers cut specific pieces, overseeing the building of actual structures, and essentially delegating the various duties onsite.

Many people loaned their personal tools to the project, with a promisary note that if they were damaged they would be replaced. Some tools were purchaced with the budget. They were kept onsite in two locked trailers where volunteers kept track of each and every one as they were signed out for use.

The volunteers were fed three square meals a day. Many thanks to the Feed the Builders Committee, and to all the fine folks who donated and served the food!! What wonderful feasts we had!! The meals were also an opportunity for the volunteers to get to know eachother a bit. There were large, white tents that were rented and erected around the dining area, and around the area with the stationary tools, which provided much appreciated shade. During each meal Debra Evans would welcome all the volunteers and remind everyone that, even though the playground was being built it was not yet paid for. She would hold up a fence picket and suggest that people commemorate their efforts by having something permanently imprinted on one.

Debra Evans was really the driving force behind the whole operation. She earned the nickname "Queen Debra", and rightly so. There were many others who were steadfastly involved, and my respect and gratitude go out to them all... and to all the wonderful worker bees :
everyone who participated!! Thank you all!!!

Click here to watch another slideshow of photos from the original construction!